New York Times Crossword April 27 2020 Answers

If you need help with New York Times Crossword April 27 2020 Answers, then you are here on the right place. Every day we will publish at our site the whole solution of the oldest crossword puzzle worldwide.  As a huge fan of New York Times i have been playing their crossword for a long time and now i have created a website to help other fans like me with the answers and solutions of every single question.

New York Times Crossword April 27 2020 Answers:

Q-tip e.g. 4 letters SWAB
Largest continent 4 letters ASIA
___ your engines (Indianapolis 500 directive) 5 letters START
Barbed-___ fence 4 letters WIRE
Church recess 4 letters APSE
What bad headaches do 5 letters THROB
Thin variety of pasta 9 letters ANGELHAIR
Home to Brigham Young University 5 letters PROVO
End of a hangman’s rope 5 letters NOOSE
Brand with the redundant slogan Kills bugs dead 4 letters RAID
Sign of things to come 4 letters OMEN
Competitor of Home Depot and Lowe’s 11 letters ACEHARDWARE
Outer layer of the eyeball 6 letters SCLERA
Pastures 4 letters LEAS
___ d’état 4 letters COUP
Trio traveling to Bethlehem 4 letters MAGI
Religious doctrine 5 letters DOGMA
Don’t worry it’s not your fault 15 letters ACCIDENTSHAPPEN
Rolls’s partner in autodom 5 letters ROYCE
Pigeon coop 4 letters COTE
Make as a salary 4 letters EARN
___ browns (breakfast side dish) 4 letters HASH
Things in eyeglass frames 6 letters LENSES
Talk show host who won a season of Celebrity Apprentice 11 letters ARSENIOHALL
Bert of The Wizard of Oz 4 letters LAHR
Stage item 4 letters PROP
King with a golden touch 5 letters MIDAS
Horse around or rain cats and dogs 5 letters IDIOM
Sudden insight … with a hint to 17- 24- 40- and 50-Across 9 letters AHAMOMENT
More together mentally 5 letters SANER
Spiritual leader often pictured sitting cross-legged 4 letters GURU
Big seller of unassembled furniture 4 letters IKEA
Lock of hair 5 letters TRESS
CPR specialists 4 letters EMTS
Small salamander 4 letters NEWT
Former ugly duckling in story 4 letters SWAN
One who tipples too much 4 letters WINO
Mythical ship sailed by Jason 4 letters ARGO
Contents of an apiary 4 letters BEES
That sure hits the spot! 3 letters AAH
Next-best bowling frame to a strike 5 letters SPARE
Basketball great ___ Thomas 5 letters ISIAH
Trapeze performer 9 letters AERIALIST
Popular gas additive 3 letters STP
Quickly raises as windows 10 letters THROWSOPEN
Doughnut shop attraction 5 letters AROMA
Land ___ (British luxury vehicle) 5 letters ROVER
Hearty steak 5 letters TBONE
Big name in jets 4 letters LEAR
Rapper/record executive Dr. ___ 3 letters DRE
Arrived 4 letters CAME
Bit of baby talk 4 letters DADA
Surgery reminder 4 letters SCAR
Fashion designer Chanel 4 letters COCO
Ethel’s neighbor/pal on 1950s TV 4 letters LUCY
Odysseus and King Arthur for two 10 letters EPICHEROES
Alaska’s largest city 9 letters ANCHORAGE
Classic muscle car 3 letters GTO
Transcript figs. 4 letters GPAS
Measly 4 letters MERE
St. ___ (common church name) 4 letters ANNS
College V.I.P. 4 letters DEAN
Satan’s domain 4 letters HELL
Drink slowly 3 letters SIP
Muppet with a falsetto 4 letters ELMO
Most important invitees 5 letters ALIST
Something used to catch speeders 5 letters RADAR
What stars and bootblacks both do 5 letters SHINE
So dull 5 letters HOHUM
Separately 5 letters APART
Poker player’s declaration 4 letters IMIN
Hockey feint 4 letters DEKE
Over again 4 letters ANEW
Now! in the E.R. 4 letters STAT
___ Doubtfire 3 letters MRS
Juilliard field: Abbr. 3 letters MUS

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