New York Times Crossword April 28 2020 Answers

If you need help with New York Times Crossword April 28 2020 Answers, then you are here on the right place. Every day we will publish at our site the whole solution of the oldest crossword puzzle worldwide.  As a huge fan of New York Times i have been playing their crossword for a long time and now i have created a website to help other fans like me with the answers and solutions of every single question.

New York Times Crossword April 28 2020 Answers:

Honey bunch? 4 letters COMB
Sport that returned to the Summer Olympics in 2016 after a 112-year absence 4 letters GOLF
Hodgepodge 4 letters HASH
Gemstone discovered on Mars in 2008 4 letters OPAL
Justice Sotomayor 5 letters SONIA
Clay pot used for cooking 4 letters OLLA
___ vu 4 letters DEJA
Light purple 5 letters LILAC
Nobody wins them 4 letters TIES
Endorsement from a brand’s account? 14 letters COMPANYRETWEET
Desert rarity 4 letters RAIN
Posh 6 letters SWANKY
Some Halloween candy discovered in February? 12 letters OLDBAGOFTWIX
Virginia who wrote Mrs. Dalloway 5 letters WOOLF
Measure of gold purity 5 letters KARAT
Is sick with 3 letters HAS
___ duck 4 letters LAME
Got out of a slump? 5 letters SATUP
Shelter by a campfire 4 letters TENT
California’s second-busiest airport after LAX 3 letters SFO
Of the Vatican 5 letters PAPAL
Number with all its letters in alphabetical order 5 letters FORTY
When the whole clan gets their eyebrows done? 12 letters FAMILYTWEEZE
They hold hands 6 letters WRISTS
___ it the truth! 4 letters AINT
CliffsNotes version of Huckleberry Finn? 14 letters HIGHSPEEDTWAIN
Sch. near Beverly Hills 4 letters UCLA
Accepted college applicant 5 letters ADMIT
Clickable symbol 4 letters ICON
Substandard 4 letters POOR
Jay Gatsby’s love in The Great Gatsby 5 letters DAISY
Highway division 4 letters LANE
Boutique 4 letters SHOP
Some volunteers at music festivals for short 4 letters EMTS
Position to fill 4 letters SLOT
Cape ___ landing place of the Mayflower 3 letters COD
Big oil cartel in brief 4 letters OPEC
Chief butler 9 letters MAJORDOMO
At fault 8 letters BLAMABLE
Enter 4 letters GOIN
The low low price of 4 letters ONLY
Pinocchio e.g. 4 letters LIAR
Popular app feature that generates funny photos 8 letters FACESWAP
Candle drippings 6 letters HOTWAX
Completely unfamiliar 5 letters ALIEN
Smooth and glossy 5 letters SLEEK
Done in a rush 5 letters HASTY
Hammered for drunk e.g. 5 letters SLANG
Edith who sang La Vie en Rose 4 letters PIAF
Complete fool 4 letters TWIT
Birds that can turn their heads 270° in either direction 4 letters OWLS
Bread purchase 4 letters LOAF
African animal with striped hindquarters 5 letters OKAPI
Deadly 5 letters FATAL
I’m serious 5 letters TRULY
Seriously at odds with general opinion 9 letters HERETICAL
1998 DreamWorks film 4 letters ANTZ
Eye affliction 4 letters STYE
The Maltese Falcon detective 8 letters SAMSPADE
Things pedicurists file 8 letters TOENAILS
Apt anagram of TAPS 4 letters PATS
Texting equivalent of This is just my opinion but … 4 letters FWIW
Musical neighbor of G 6 letters FSHARP
Ragged 5 letters TATTY
Soundly defeats colloquially 5 letters WHUPS
Maker of digital cameras and printers 5 letters RICOH
Arctic home 5 letters IGLOO
Mild yellow cheese 4 letters EDAM
Give off as heat 4 letters EMIT
___ track (rap song with insults) 4 letters DISS
Eating pizza with a fork and knife to New Yorkers 4 letters NONO
Court divider 3 letters NET

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