New York Times Crossword May 1 2020 Answers

If you need help with New York Times Crossword May 1 2020 Answers, then you are here on the right place. Every day we will publish at our site the whole solution of the oldest crossword puzzle worldwide.  As a huge fan of New York Times i have been playing their crossword for a long time and now i have created a website to help other fans like me with the answers and solutions of every single question.

New York Times Crossword May 1 2020 Answers:

Cocktail often garnished with a lemon twist 8 letters GINSLING
Israeli port mentioned in the Bible 5 letters JAFFA
Paul McCartney wrote one about Liverpool 8 letters ORATORIO
1898 chemistry discovery 6 letters RADIUM
Show promise 8 letters BODEWELL
Square 6 letters PIAZZA
More than impressed 5 letters INAWE
Execrate 4 letters DAMN
Only three-letter word in Scrabble that requires both blank tiles 3 letters ZZZ
Strategy game with disks 7 letters REVERSI
Basic cleaner 3 letters LYE
Chess maneuver with a French name 9 letters ENPASSANT
Host 4 letters SLEW
Herb often used with potatoes 4 letters DILL
Half brother of Tom Sawyer 3 letters SID
City north of Baghdad 5 letters MOSUL
Palm that produces berries 4 letters ACAI
Turned up 5 letters ONEND
Give a powerful impression of 4 letters OOZE
1968 swimming gold medalist Debbie 5 letters MEYER
___ Henry Hoover former first lady 3 letters LOU
The Last Don author 4 letters PUZO
I forgot what I’m supposed to say here! 4 letters LINE
It always goes to hell 9 letters RIVERSTYX
Co. behind the podcast The Daily 3 letters NYT
Math subj. 7 letters PRECALC
Parts of a Facebook feed 3 letters ADS
First name at Woodstock 4 letters RAVI
George who composed Give My Regards to Broadway 5 letters COHAN
Celebrate with sprightly dancing 6 letters DOAJIG
Study for the bar? 8 letters OENOLOGY
Soak 6 letters INFUSE
Members of the lute family 8 letters UKULELES
Eponym in a candy store 5 letters REESE
Reserve 8 letters SETASIDE
Home to Bactrian camels 4 letters GOBI
___ horse 4 letters IRON
Zilch 4 letters NADA
Fretful thing to be in 4 letters STEW
Turns down 6 letters LOWERS
Cause of an explosion 3 letters IRE
Zilch 3 letters NIL
Apple variety 15 letters GOLDENDELICIOUS
Faith that preaches nonviolence to all living creatures 7 letters JAINISM
___ Lovelace computing pioneer who was the daughter of Lord Byron 3 letters ADA
Ends weakly 10 letters FIZZLESOUT
Hairless creature in a nursery rhyme 10 letters FUZZYWUZZY
Floor 5 letters AMAZE
Engine stats 4 letters RPMS
The proper task of life per Nietzsche 3 letters ART
Brand on the Alaska Highway 4 letters ESSO
Fruitless 4 letters VAIN
Red-cased import 4 letters EDAM
Good going! 10 letters NICELYDONE
Avoid taking unnecessary risks 10 letters PLAYITSAFE
Down-to-earth type? 5 letters ALIEN
Air show highlights 5 letters LOOPS
16th-century pope who owned a pet elephant 4 letters LEOX
Massive explosion 4 letters NOVA
Face-off 4 letters DUEL
Closing number of a musical often 7 letters REPRISE
Accelerate 3 letters REV
Great taste since 1905 sloganeer 6 letters RCCOLA
Depths of despair 5 letters NADIR
Boil over 4 letters RAGE
Accented cheers 4 letters OLES
Hindu festival of colors 4 letters HOLI
Venerable 4 letters AGED
Where Harley-Davidson is HOG 4 letters NYSE
French menu word 3 letters JUS
Squeak (by) 3 letters EKE
Bit of hardware 3 letters NUT

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