New York Times Crossword May 2 2020 Answers

If you need help with New York Times Crossword May 2 2020 Answers, then you are here on the right place. Every day we will publish at our site the whole solution of the oldest crossword puzzle worldwide.  As a huge fan of New York Times i have been playing their crossword for a long time and now i have created a website to help other fans like me with the answers and solutions of every single question.

New York Times Crossword May 2 2020 Answers:

Unlike sheep 12 letters FREETHINKING
Slangy phrase following an unpopular opinion 13 letters SAIDNOONEEVER
Oh my stars! 14 letters LANDSAKESALIVE
Small bits of progress 5 letters DENTS
Kind of student 3 letters MED
Actress Amanda 4 letters PEET
___ Diaz detective on Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4 letters ROSA
Emulate Beyoncé in 2003 6 letters GOSOLO
Spanish title: Abbr. 3 letters SRA
Press informally 3 letters INK
Ben-___ 3 letters HUR
Usual practice 4 letters WONT
Leaves back at the house maybe 7 letters FORGETS
Kind of diet that can help lower blood pressure 6 letters NOSALT
Sings like Mary Poppins 6 letters TRILLS
Word in many Emmy categories 6 letters SERIES
Smaller than small 6 letters ATOMIC
Swells up as a lip 7 letters GETSFAT
Strip 4 letters PEEL
Carry-___ 3 letters ONS
Its end might be lamented 3 letters ERA
Reason to raise one’s hand 3 letters VOW
Basic chords 6 letters TRIADS
Kind of rug that’s bad to lose an earring in 4 letters SHAG
Crosspiece in a grate often 4 letters IBAR
Org. for the L.A. Galaxy 3 letters MLS
Title song character who’s asked Did your mom get back from her business trip? 5 letters STACY
Healthy soup base 14 letters VEGETABLESTOCK
Provider of sensory deprivation 13 letters ISOLATIONTANK
Don’t admit to anything! 12 letters DENYDENYDENY
Crush alternative 5 letters FANTA
Disencumbers 4 letters RIDS
Ones making periodical changes for short 3 letters EDS
Charms 7 letters ENAMORS
Takes some hits 5 letters TOKES
Do-si-do do 7 letters HOEDOWN
Valuable contacts 3 letters INS
Org. opposing school vouchers 3 letters NEA
Part of a forest that can grow as fast as two feet a day 4 letters KELP
Frequently ranked octet 5 letters IVIES
Like THAT’S gonna happen! 5 letters NEVER
___ Thunberg Time’s youngest Person of the Year 5 letters GRETA
Language from which we get karma 8 letters SANSKRIT
Heroine in Verdi’s Il Trovatore 7 letters LEONORA
Get carried away 5 letters DRIFT
Showing more nerve 7 letters GUTSIER
Warms (up) 7 letters LOOSENS
Points of interest for epidemiologists 6 letters ONSETS
Knight cap 6 letters HELMET
Smears 4 letters TARS
What school lunch is often depicted as in cartoons 4 letters GLOP
Tip for increasing productivity 8 letters LIFEHACK
Caddy alternative 7 letters TEARACK
Excessively theatrical 5 letters STAGY
Invitation from a driver 7 letters CLIMBIN
Unexpected blessing 7 letters GODSEND
Striking 5 letters VIVID
Like Jabba the Hutt 5 letters OBESE
Calvin and Hobbes conveyance 5 letters WAGON
Bronze e.g. 5 letters ALLOY
Poker-faced 5 letters STONY
Rest (on) 4 letters RELY
Obsessive fan slangily 4 letters STAN
Skosh 3 letters TAD
Took a course say 3 letters ATE
Abbr. in many an office building address 3 letters STE

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