New York Times Crossword May 3 2020 Answers

If you need help with New York Times Crossword May 3 2020 Answers, then you are here on the right place. Every day we will publish at our site the whole solution of the oldest crossword puzzle worldwide.  As a huge fan of New York Times i have been playing their crossword for a long time and now i have created a website to help other fans like me with the answers and solutions of every single question.

New York Times Crossword May 3 2020 Answers:

Smashing 5 letters SOCKO
Wide-eyed in wonder 4 letters AGOG
Woofer output 4 letters BASS
Casual vodka order 5 letters STOLI
Bubbling 5 letters ABOIL
Pricey 4 letters DEAR
Alma mater of Grant and Lee: Abbr. 4 letters USMA
Board game piece 5 letters TOKEN
Dog’s order at a malt shop? 10 letters HOUNDSHAKE
The day in seize the day 4 letters DIEM
Arrival visitor 5 letters ALIEN
You can see right through it 4 letters LENS
Part of H.M.S. 3 letters HER
Game of Thrones patriarch has difficulties? 12 letters NEDFLOUNDERS
Zora Neale Hurston’s ___ Eyes Were Watching God 5 letters THEIR
Stand-up comic Kondabolu 4 letters HARI
Drum heard in raga music 5 letters TABLA
Creator of Christopher Robin 7 letters AAMILNE
Beat out by a hair 5 letters EDGED
Big name in ratings 7 letters NIELSEN
Male sailors 7 letters SHIPMEN
Words of affirmation 6 letters YESSES
Upscale 6 letters DELUXE
Android alternative 3 letters IOS
___ Mahal 3 letters TAJ
Kind of diet 3 letters FAD
Chest muscle informally 3 letters PEC
The S of 48-Across 6 letters SYSTEM
Advised a chess player to attack the king? 14 letters COUNSELEDCHECK
Spanish unit of time with a tilde 3 letters ANO
Yoda to Luke 6 letters MENTOR
Shows as an encore presentation 6 letters REAIRS
A fingerprint can leave one 6 letters SMUDGE
Cell no. say 3 letters TEL
Strips of weapons 6 letters UNARMS
Coming from two speakers 6 letters STEREO
Frequent choice for maid of honor 6 letters SISTER
Deg. for an aspiring attorney abroad 3 letters LLB
Part of Disney’s advertising budget? 14 letters MOUSEMARKETING
How some pranks might go 6 letters TOOFAR
Constellation with a palindromic name 3 letters ARA
Scat syllable for Sinatra 3 letters DOO
Hula loop 3 letters LEI
Academy Award winner for Moonlight and Green Book 3 letters ALI
Dr. Seuss character who becomes King of the Mud 6 letters YERTLE
Sushi condiment 6 letters WASABI
Birds that can recognize themselves in mirrors 7 letters MAGPIES
Beyond sad or beyond happy 7 letters INTEARS
Some piercing spots 5 letters LOBES
Categorically stated 7 letters AVERRED
Indubitably 5 letters QUITE
Bellybutton fluff 4 letters LINT
Bordeaux wine region 5 letters MEDOC
Decisively defeat a cabinet department? 12 letters TROUNCESTATE
Musical knack 3 letters EAR
Share on social media 4 letters POST
Like a zealous fan base 5 letters RABID
School attended by 20 prime ministers 4 letters ETON
Feeling one gets under anesthesia at the dentist? 10 letters FUZZYMOUTH
Rat in Ratatouille 5 letters EMILE
Word before or after run 4 letters LONG
Memo heading 4 letters INRE
Prize for a doc maybe 5 letters OSCAR
Stick a fork in 5 letters SPEAR
Weapon with a bell guard 4 letters EPEE
Loathsome person 4 letters TOAD
Indira Gandhi’s father 5 letters NEHRU
Comedian Mort 4 letters SAHL
Instrument from the French for high wood 4 letters OBOE
Bad shot by Dracula? 9 letters COUNTMISS
Affinity 7 letters KINSHIP
Lacking originality 3 letters OLD
Follower 8 letters ADHERENT
Prepare with up 4 letters GEAR
Symbol of sturdiness 3 letters OAK
___ launcher 7 letters GRENADE
Close pals 7 letters BUDDIES
Yeah right! 4 letters ASIF
Process as ore 5 letters SMELT
Language with only 14 native letters 6 letters SAMOAN
He made his final cameo in Avengers: Endgame 7 letters STANLEE
Spilled one’s soul 7 letters TOLDALL
30s migrant 4 letters OKIE
Unwelcome look 4 letters LEER
Places to exchange dollars for quarters 4 letters INNS
Stand out from the crowd 5 letters SHINE
Little bits of energy 4 letters ERGS
Competitor of eBay 4 letters UBID
Tree that lines the Central Park Mall 3 letters ELM
Debut single for both Jimi Hendrix and Patti Smith 6 letters HEYJOE
Flaws and all 4 letters ASIS
Shout for 44-Across 4 letters AHOY
Put off for another day 5 letters DEFER
Building caretakers 6 letters SUPERS
Higher-ups in a hierarchy 5 letters EXECS
Part of a guitar 4 letters NECK
One on the road in On the Road 3 letters SAL
Maker of Instant Feathers and Hi-Speed Tonic 4 letters ACME
Laura of Marriage Story 4 letters DERN
Does some bronco-busting e.g. 5 letters TAMES
Accustom (to) 5 letters ENURE
Broadband device 5 letters MODEM
Loosen in a way 5 letters UNTIE
Banned display of firepower informally 5 letters NTEST
Conductor Georg with 31 Grammys 5 letters SOLTI
Passed out in Vegas 5 letters DEALT
Gambino crime family patriarch 5 letters CARLO
Attractive but vacuous guy in slang 5 letters HIMBO
Mary Queen of Scots e.g. 6 letters STUART
Prod 4 letters GOAD
Prod 4 letters URGE
Philosopher Kierkegaard 5 letters SOREN
Salud! cousin 5 letters SKOAL
Heed an army poster 6 letters ENLIST
Will you allow me to demonstrate? 4 letters MAYI
Plane ticket info 3 letters ROW
Comfy seating at a carnival? 9 letters FAIRCOUCH
Downwind at sea 4 letters ALEE
New England art inst. 4 letters RISD
Mind. Blown. 8 letters IMAMAZED
Shot served with salt and lime 7 letters TEQUILA
Clean 7 letters LAUNDER
Lexicographer Partridge 4 letters ERIC
Singer Knowles with a 2016 #1 album 7 letters SOLANGE
Ever so slightly 4 letters ABIT
Perk from work 7 letters BENEFIT
Tex who animated Bugs Bunny 5 letters AVERY
Diploma equivalent in brief 3 letters GED
Make an engaging offer? 7 letters PROPOSE
British spy Christopher in 2016 news 6 letters STEELE
Legally prohibit 5 letters ESTOP
Parisian equivalent to molto or muy 4 letters TRES
Increase with up 4 letters RAMP
Stage prize since 1956 4 letters OBIE
It distinguishes meaning in many East Asian languages 4 letters TONE
Fitch of Abercrombie & Fitch 4 letters EZRA
Red carpet interviewee 4 letters STAR
Traffic sign word 4 letters THRU
Card game call 3 letters UNO
Sun follower? 3 letters MON



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