NY Times The Mini Monday Apr 29 2020 Answers

As a big fan of crossword puzzles i know it very well how hard is it sometimes to solve them, thats why at this post im providing your: NY Times The Mini Monday Apr 29 2020 Answers. We wanna thank you for visiting our site. Have fun and enjoy your time by solving this great puzzle.

NY Times The Mini Monday Apr 29 2020 Answers:

Grandmother impersonator in a fairy tale crossword clue WOLF
Shape of a toilet seat crossword clue OVAL
What V can mean on food packaging crossword clue VEGAN
Thanos to the Avengers crossword clue ENEMY
___ letter (college app attachment) crossword clue REC
Drove dangerously through traffic crossword clue WOVE
Baker’s need crossword clue OVEN
Lumberjack’s favorite kind of beer? crossword clue LAGER
Criticize scathingly online crossword clue FLAME
Home to the U.N. headquarters crossword clue NYC

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